Payment Policy

1. “Back in” sites only – no pull through sites.

2. Payment due at check-in – cash or checks or cards accepted.

3. Rates: 30-amp service
$200 per week
$550 per month
50-amp service
$225 week
$650 per month

4. For monthly site rentals, payment is due on the first of each
month. Late fee will be charged after the 4th of the month.
($50.00 a day – late fee).
If rent is not paid by the 5th day of the month, you must leave the
park on that day – No exceptions!
There is a lock box to the right of the office door for payment drop.

5. WIFI is available for a fee. ($10.00 monthly)

No rent refunds – No Exceptions

Rules and Regulations:

1. Electric heaters not allowed. If found, tenant must vacate the
Park the same day of discovery.

2. Large vehicles, boats, utility trailers,tents, and ATV’s not allowed.

3. Two vehicles maximum can be associated with your site.

4. Two persons per sites. Additional $50 per month per month for
each additional person.

5. Pets must be on a leash always and clean up after your pets.
Pets are not allowed in bath houses. No dogs over 20lbs. allowed

6. RV’s must be in good appearance and condition and fully
No RV’s over 35ft in length allowed
RV must be set up on a temporary basis. All wheels must be on
ground. No RV will be set up on wooden or concrete blocks.
You must be able to move your RV instantly if the need arises.

7. Bunk House RV’s, Buses, Horse Trailers, Mini Houses are not

8. No subletting of your RV or site.

9. No portable generator use allowed.

10. No trash cans, cigarette butts or bottle tops to be placed outside of
your RV. All waste must be in plastic bags and tied prior to placing in the
dumpster, which is located at the park entrance.

11. Nothing can be built on RV site. No planting on site without prior
approval by Management. No swimming or wading pools allowed.

12. Excess water hose must be neatly coiled up under your RV.
Sewer lines must be direct routed to the sewer connection
using 3- inch PVC and the sewer connection must be sealed.
Do not place your RV drain line more than 6 inches into the sewer

13. Water lines must be wrapped during winter months.

14. Proper attire must be worn while outside your RV.

15. Speed Limit inside the park is 10 MPH or less.

17. Firearms or fireworks cannot be discharged in the park.

18. Vehicles and RV motor homes must be in good running condition.

19. Keep your vehicles locked inside the park.

20. Quiet time – 10pm – nightly